Monarda essential oil, more commonly known as bee balm, is a powerful and potent analgesic that also possesses antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. It has a fresh, lemony fragrance that helps with respiratory issues or congestion too. This plant is aptly named as it is a favorite flower of bees, perhaps due to its sweet smell.   

If you only keep one essential oil on hand, make it bee balm. Here's why: 

Benefits of Bee Balm

The benefits of bee balm are diverse, including that it makes an effective pest repellent when used in a small spray or spritzer bottle! In terms of holistic health and well-being, consider the following benefits of keeping bee balm on hand: 


Bee balm fights germs. It can help reduce the risk of illness and transmission of bacteria, so you get sick less often. When used regularly, monarda essential oil can strengthen the immune system too.  


Bee balm helps reduce swelling, including inflammation in the lungs that could compromise respiratory health and breathing.  

Skin and Nails

Want great skin and nails? Use bee balm oil on your cuticles for healthy, strong nails. If you have a cut, rash, or sore, bee balm can expedite healing and alleviate discomfort. It is a great item to keep in your home's first aid kit.  


Monarda essential oil or bee balm soothes and calms too, so it is great for anxiety and stress. Diffusing bee balm in the bedroom may also help with insomnia or sleeplessness.  


Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can become complicated as they may be resistant to conventional antibiotics, especially if you are prone to getting UTIs. Bee balm has properties that help combat infection, which is a great way to augment your current UTI treatment without the risk of any medication interaction.  


Bee balm is an excellent topical pain reliever. It helps alleviate swelling and inflammation, so it can help reduce chronic pain too—such as joint, muscle, or arthritis discomfort—without any side-effects.  

How to Use Bee Balm

Bee balm is most effective when used topically, such as a soothing body oil, or when diffused for aromatherapeutic purposes. Consider carrying a small bottle of monarda essential oil with you to smell, as needed, or invest in aromatherapy jewelry for scent and style in one!  

Roller bottles make a great vehicle for delivering the benefits of bee balm, plus they are easy to use and convenient to carry. Historically, people would boil the monarda leaves to use as a wrap when afflicted with headaches, infections, or eye issues. A monarda-infused mouth rinse is useful for combatting the pain of a cavity or to alleviate sores or toothaches.  

There are no reported risks or side-effects associated with monarda essential oil, so it is a great homeopathic treatment for many different conditions and ailments. Always test your essential oils with a skin patch test to ensure you can tolerate a new essential oil before using.  

Contact a local natural health care service to learn more about monarda essential oil.