If you have pinworms, you have a common ailment that many children and adults get from time to time. Pinworms are often spread by getting pinworm eggs or other debris on your skin or under your fingernails, then they get transferred into the body this way.

Pinworms can be treated in a variety of fashions intended to flush out the system and kill any eggs, larvae, or adult pinworms. For example, you can use a pinworm allicin oil dietary supplement or other similar supplement to treat pinworms and keep them from returning. Here are signs you have pinworms and yes, you can treat them naturally.

Your privates itch

Pinworms are active during certain times, which is often the nighttime when you are at rest. If you wake up scratching inside your anus or your genitals, then you may have pinworms. The itchiness can be caused by the pinworms moving around, or by the eggs deposited around your anus. Don't panic if you feel you do have pinworms; call your doctor and ask them for a natural remedy recommendation for treating pinworms. You may take a pinworm allicin oil dietary supplement as a precautionary supplement if you have had pinworms before and want to make sure they don't return or you just don't want to get them in the first place.

Your poop is wriggling

Yes, you can see pinworms in your poop, and while this may seem distressing, it's not that bad of a deal. You can see pinworms because they are usually in large numbers, although the worms themselves can be quite small. They are often small, white, and look similar to a rice noodle. They may be moving or not moving, depending on how grown they are and if you have been taking a supplement to help your body flush them out or not already.

If you do have pinworms, you can treat them with over-the-counter medications or a natural remedy. It's wise to have everyone in the household take a pinworm supplement to be on the safe side. The more you treat pinworms, the more likely they will be to remain gone.

Always wash your hands after handling animals, being around small children, touching the earth and other surfaces, and going to the restroom. Avoid putting your fingers in your mouth. These and other precautions, including taking a pinworm allicin oil dietary supplement, can help pinworms stay away for good.

For more information on pinworm allicin oil dietary supplements, contact a company near you.