Many people seek reiki healing for their minds. They want reiki to bring them inner peace or to ease their symptoms of depression or anxiety. Indeed, reiki can have these benefits. However, reiki healing also has physical benefits for the body itself. Here are some key ones.

It stimulates the immune system.

Your immune system works hard every day, fighting off pathogens like bacteria and viruses. The healthier and stronger it is, the less often you will become ill. A healthy immune system is also less likely to attack your body's own tissue, as it does in autoimmune conditions like lupus. Reiki can help boost the immune system by regulating your levels of stress hormones. In other words, reiki helps you relax, which allows your hormone levels to adjust to a point where your immune system is better able to function. For this reason, it's a good idea to have some extra reiki healing sessions just before and during flu season when your immune system really needs to be in high gear.

It relieves muscle aches and pains.

You probably don't realize how much tension you're holding in your back and neck. Most people carry their stress in these areas, at least to some degree. Over time, the tension pulls on your spine, which causes more tension in the surrounding muscles and ligaments. This, in turn, makes you more sore and achy. Reiki healing can ease this soreness and achiness by helping you release the tension. It can be surprising what aches and pains dissipate once you have even a few reiki healing sessions.

It supports tissue healing.

Do you have an injury, such as a sprain or strain? Reiki healing can help speed up your recovery time. It can trigger additional blood flow to the affected areas, and blood brings with it lots of oxygen and other healing factors. Reiki healing also helps relax the muscles around the injury, which can release any pressure they're putting on the injured tissues. With this tension gone, you can often start moving the affected area a little more, which further stimulates blood flow and healing.

Reiki does have a lot of mental benefits that should not be understated. However, it also has physical benefits that are well worth enjoying, too. Talk to a reiki healer to learn more. They can share more about reiki and how it may help you with specific health concerns. For more information on in-person reiki healing sessions, contact a professional near you.