Over the last several years, CBD products have become increasingly popular because people realize that CBD may help with a number of issues and ailments. CBD can come in many forms, but many people like using it as oil. The oil is very easy to administer orally, and it is also simple to keep track of the most effective dosage. If you're interested in using CBD oil, it is in your best interest to purchase a bottle of high-quality oil that has undergone analysis by a third-party laboratory. Since buying quality CBD oil is an investment, you are sure to want your bottle to last until you can use it all. Use the following tips to help you properly store your bottle of CBD oil.

Keep the Bottle Out of the Light

Many companies that produce CBD oil package the oil in bottles that are dark blue or amber-colored. This is because exposure to light can cause the CBD oil to break down and lose its potency at a faster rate. While the dark bottle that the CBD oil is stored in can help block light, it is still in your best interest to store the oil somewhere that is dark. A cupboard, drawer, or closet is a good place to keep your CBD oil. Don't make the mistake of leaving the bottle on a counter or shelf that is located near a window.

Always Close the Lid Tightly

After using your CBD oil, always make sure that you close the lid tightly. Like light, exposure to air can damage the CBD oil and reduce how long it lasts and remains effective. Ensuring that the bottle that the oil is in is airtight is a simple and easy way to ensure that your CBD oil remains fresh and potent until you finish using all of the product.

Pay Attention to the Temperature Where the Bottle Is Stored

CBD oil does best and will remain stable when it is kept at a cool temperature. You can elect to keep your bottle of CBD oil in your refrigerator if you like. If you choose to store your CBD oil in a cupboard or cabinet, make sure that it in an area of your house that remains cool throughout the day. In the event that your CBD oil is accidentally stored in an area that is warm or humid, the oil will degrade quickly. 

Now that you know how to store CBD oil, you can get a larger bottle of something like healing full-spectrum Hawaiian 1000 mg CBD oil