A holistic healing retreat provides many ways and many services to heal whatever ails you in the most natural ways possible. Most packages to such retreats already include specific services. However, you can choose from a long list of a la carte services for a healthier mind, body, and personal experience. The following are just a few of those extra services you can purchase while you are enjoying the retreat. 

Juice Cleanse or Detox

A juice cleanse provides you with many of the vitamins and minerals you need in the form of juice. You drink all of your glasses of juice every day for one to seven days and see how much better you feel. If you would rather try a detox cleanse, those are completely liquid and fully drinkable, often for a period of about three days. It just depends on how long you will be staying at the retreat and how much of that time you want to focus on a cleanse or detox. 

Aura and Chakra Massages

These massages are strictly hands-off because the person giving them to you is only massaging your energy fields, not you. People sometimes find that massaging one's aura or chakras is as stress-relieving and head-clearing as a physical massage. If you have never had one before and you would like to try one, ask the concierge at the check-in desk if someone is available during your stay to provide such a unique massage experience. 

Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle

Eating meat most of your life actually activates cells in the brain that cause you to become somewhat addicted to eating meat. When you want to stop eating meat, the effects are unpleasant. If you come to a holistic retreat, you can inform the staff that you would very much like to transition to a vegan lifestyle. The cooks and dietitians will then prepare all of your meals in a very vegan way so that someone else controls what you eat while you make the effort to move away from consuming meat. Your gut and your body will feel less logy for it. 

Deep Cleanse/Mud Baths/Seaweed Wraps

You feel better when your skin feels cleaner, healthier, softer, and smoother. All of the above are accomplished through the use of deep cleansing products, mud baths, and seaweed wraps. Select one or all of these services from the moment you check in so that they are scheduled during your stay.