Floating in the third trimester is a great way to relieve some of the pain on your joints from carrying around the added baby weight. It also provides much needed stress relief, contributes to deeper sleep, and may also provide a bonding experience for an expectant mother because the water is at body temperature and she is weightlessly suspended, just like her child in utero. 

While floating during pregnancy can be helpful, floating during your postpartem period can have many benefits as well.

Floating in the "4th" trimester

When the baby has been born, women turn their focus to their new infant and sometimes neglect self care in the process of caring for their new addition. Floating can be beneficial in a number of ways after the baby has been born.

Postpartem Depression

Floating helps with depression and anxiety by helping your body achieve a deep trance state through total relaxation. Mothers experiencing postpartem depression may find relief by using floatation as part of their treatment. Postpartem depression can take a toll on mental health and wear down mothers who are already exhausted from night time feedings and other facets of infant care. Floating may be a crucial part of self care at this challenging time in a mother's life.

Rest and Relaxation

New mothers are notorious for being fatigued. Most mothers rarely get a few nights' sleep for the first few months. When they do lay down to sleep, many have a hard time relaxing because they are listening for the baby to start crying. This lack of sleep can start to wear down a person after awhile.

Floating may be the best rest that a new mother can hope for. More than just a nap, the weightlessness contributes to a meditative state that will lull you into a deep sleep during your session. Mothers emerge calm and relaxed. The benefits of a float last for several days afterward. Mothers may even experience deeper sleep at home after float therapy.

Float Therapy for Baby

Children as young as two weeks can benefit from float therapy. Special baby float clinics can help babies with gas, sleeping issues, and other physical issues. Babies that receive float therapy may sleep longer and get more rest. This translates into more rest for the mother as well.

Flotation therapy can be beneficial for postpartem mother and also their babies. For more information, contact facilities like Float Center Shiloh.