Sarcoids are considered to be the most common skin disorder that horses suffer from. Veterinarians note that this skin eruption is a form of skin cancer that is nearly always benign. The eruptions usually appear on horses that are young or middle-aged. The lesions generally erupt on horses' abdomen, legs, ears, around the eyes, sheath and muzzle. Sarcoids also materialize at old scar sites that are on the legs. Examine the sarcoids that appear on horses so that they can be appropriately treated by a veterinarian or with natural treatments. Learn as well what causes the sarcoids.

How Horses Develop Sarcoids

Veterinarians and other professionals in the treatment of horses all concur that sarcoids manifest from bovine papilloma virus, which is a cattle virus, or maybe from a related virus. One thing related to both scenarios is that sarcoids are transmitted by flies and other insects that bite horses. There's also the accepted theory that your horse's immune system is compromised when it develops sarcoids. Be sure that this concept is addressed when treatment options are considered following diagnosis. Aggressive sarcoids must be addressed early.

Malevolent Sarcoids

The most aggressive type of sarcoids are the ones that spread through your horse's skin and possibly along its lymph vessels. Cords of tumor tissue become interspersed with lymph nodules, and the site bursts into sore-like infections in this case. Fibroblastic sarcoids also grow very fast into a fleshy mass emanating from a skin wound. As the mass becomes ulcerated, it hangs from a stalk and continues to invade other surrounding areas of your horse's skin.

Other Identifiable Sarcoids

Mixed, occult and verrucose type of sarcoids must be examined by your veterinarians and so should nodular lumps that form under the skin and in areas like the groin and eyelids. Some sarcoids disappear over time, but this is not a choice you should consider without a veterinarian's advice. There is one particular natural supplement that you can utilize to treat your horse's sarcoids.

A Natural Sarcoid Treatment For Your Horse

There is a natural supplement remedy that is talked about as an effective treatment for your horse, and it does treat sarcoids that occur at the skin level. SAR-X contains an alkalizing herbal concentrate that in effect encourages your horse's body to produce an accepted alkaline state. When treated with this ingredient, and your horse is in the required alkalizing state, this prevents sarcoids from spreading. Since the product strengthens your horse's immune system, it dissolves the sarcoids. So SAR-X treats the sarcoids by getting rid of them from inside the horse, and there are no drugs and side-effects for the horse to contend with. 

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