There are all kinds of treatments you can ask your doctor about if you are struggling with anxiety. However, the thing with most prescription drugs is they come along with some pretty dangerous side effects. While struggling with anxiety can be a seriously disrupting medical condition, there are always more natural things you can try to relieve the problem, specifically, in the form of essential oils. Before you accept anxiety treatment in the form of prescription drugs that could be habit forming or cause other health concerns, make sure you consider trying this effective list of essential oils that are known for their ability to help people who struggle with anxiety. 

Bergamot - If you didn't know any better, you would pass right by bergamot essential oil at the natural health store without giving it a second thought. This little-known essential oil has a strong citrus odor that smells like a culmination of lime and lemon. This essential oil comes from the bergamot orange fruit, which is smaller than the average orange and looks more like a lemon in appearance. This oil is known for its ability to help you relax when you are stressed and may even help with sleeplessness and restlessness. 

Lavender - Lavender essential oils and fragrances have been used for years in everything from bath soaks to cosmetics because the fragrance has the ability to induce a calm feeling. This floral fragrance is actually known to change the body's response to stress, which is a major contributing factor in anxiety. If you are feeling totally stressed out and anxious, it is a good idea to dab a few drops of lavender essential oil on the insides of your wrists or even drip a few drops into a hot bubble bath. Some people diffuse lavender oil in their bedrooms at night to help them get a better night of sleep without anxiety and worry keeping them awake. 

Ylang Ylang - One of the more modern essential oils, most people have no idea what ylang ylang is or what the essential oil is good for. Ylang ylang is a tree that grows in tropical regions and produces star-shaped flowers that offer a delightfully fruity-floral aroma. This fragrance is used in an array of high-end cosmetics and spa products, but is also known to help reduce stress levels and ward off problems with anxiety. This essential oil can be worn throughout the day in a jewelry diffuser or just dabbed on your clothing. For more information, go to website.